After you enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B (80% coverage) at you need to speak with a broker to protect your legacy with Medicare Supplement Insurance (the other 20% coverage).

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Ways To Improve Retirement & Legacy

YOU are important. Remember, your broker works for YOU. If speaking with your broker is all business, you might be speaking with the wrong broker. A broker needs to understand what is important to YOU first. 

Is it love? Children? Pets? Business? Fear? Is it to leave something for the next generation or favorite charity? 

Tax free income in retirement is available. Speak to us about your financial options.  We haven't recreated the wheel but our team puts YOU FIRST in a very special way. 

We specialize in Medicare and so much more, but first we specialize in you, the customer. 

Never a fee for services rendered.

Remember the good ole days?

Ever ask yourself, "What happened to the good old days?" Days of family, Fridgidaire, "Calgon take me away" and gathering at Ice Cream parlors on Main Street?  Remember the days when milk was delivered to the door and you could trust people? Those days are preserved here with us.  We recaptured the days of the 1950's, 60's and 70's when business was personal, face-to-face and friendly.

You have worked hard for your money and to get where you are. Our mission is to help you protect your assets throughout your retirement. Yes, the right health insurance plan helps with that.  As we recognize the different retirement and financial goals people have, we offer personalized, caring, knowledgeable, educated, up to date, timely help with medicare information and choices for decision making. Then we help you implement these decisions in a seamless, efficient and convenient manner. Our knowledgeable agents and staff will tell you that no two people are the same because we recognize that fact and you receive the most suitable plan for your situation.

We are NOT beholden to the insurance companies.  Our commitment is to the client and we stand firmly on that by providing full disclosure at all times. Our team of professional colleagues believe the best decision is the educated one so we offer FREE seminars throughout the year.  We also answer questions every day so give us a call. You do not have to be a client and there is no obligation to become a client just for asking questions.

We are regular people just like you, with families, hobbies and other things important to life just like everyone else and we are in business to help you protect what you've worked so hard for without making insurance complicated.  We agree that Medicare is complex, ever-changing and can be confusing so we make every effort to simplify the process for you. If you think it is easier for your family members to speak to us, we gladly do that. We appreciate people. We don't judge, we don't push, we don't get angry, we respect people and we LISTEN. It is always personal; never "business as usual". We are a friend, someone to trust, and someone who deeply cares about you.

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Is your family this much fun? Can they text, snapchat, and play video games all day long? They'll do anything for you but NOT EVEN YOUR KIDS WILL MAKE THIS SPECIAL OFFER SO DON'T DELAY TO GIVE US A CALL AND INQUIRE WHAT THE BIG DEAL IS!

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As a local business, we understand the market folks are in and we cater to individual specific needs. Your personal touch can be figured in a few different ways.  Are you more comfortable in person, on the phone or email? You decide how we meet depending on your comfort zone.  We can meet you at home, your place of business, our office, or a local coffee shop.  We love our clients and look forward to serving you. 


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