Meet The Founding Agent

AHI Medicare Solutions was created to serve people who have made this country what it is today.  Our team respects all demographics and abilities.  We enjoy serving others, which is why we do what we do. 


At the age of five, Dawn knew there was something special about people of all ages, education levels, and family backgrounds.  She had a natural desire to help people or simply share a smile with someone.  Through her school and parenting years, she held non-traditional employment positions that educated her on PEOPLE from all walks of life. 


With an empty nest at home, Dawn decided to leave her 6-digit corporate career to follow her hearts desire.  To start, she became involved in her church with the nursery and other ministries. But that wasn't enough, so she began visiting moms at home and home-bound seniors.  This is where she met a financial advisor.  Dawn wasn't satisfied as an entrepreneur if she had to give up some of the relationships and activities she was involved in, so she began to care for people in hospice.  Dawn says, "at a moment when a family is struggling to face death, it helps to take advantage of the services that are made available through volunteer programs.  I simply allow the patient to talk about things they want to talk about, sort of clear their mind. Others play music or card games.  I encourage anyone to offer their God-given gifts to someone in need."


In time, this financial advisor recognized how clients were being treated by insurance agents as seniors sought advice about Medicare. It was unjust!  The insurance salesman told the 65 year old woman to go on Plan F and don't ask questions.  "That's not ok!", says Dawn.  "There are so many things to consider when leaving your private insurance, group plan, the marketplace, or social security disability insurance.  There is no 'one size fits all.'  People need to be made aware of their options because, well, what does life look like from YOUR perspective?  Medicare is something all Americans will face.  You should be aware of what you are facing.  Can you afford that Plan F or will it take your life savings to pay for it? What about medication expenses? That is something we need to discuss before deciding which plan you will take."  


It was because of this, Dawn found her new passion.  She wanted to help seniors gain the freedom they worked so hard for and fought for.  Medicare is our right.  But without special licenses, one can only do so much to help.  This is explained in the S.H.I.P. vs. Broker tab of this website.  

Brokers can be like the salesman described earlier or they can be completely invested in YOU.  Dawns ultimate dream is to make it about YOU every step of the way.  As AHI moves forward, it molds into a reflection of Dawns vision.  "People need someone who specializes in them.  It isn't enough for a professional to specialize in healthcare products or the things school teaches.  This is real life.  These are real people.  The outcomes are real.  Things like illness meet us face-to-face at some point in our lives.  Are we properly prepared?  Do we have the right resources in place or know where to find them?  Do we know who has them?" AHI will historically be known as the office of senior advocates because of the passion that drives the team to protect the people they meet.

AHI specializes in finding the resources people need, cultivating a place in the insurance industry where the individual (client or not) is heard.  If a professional doesn't have time to listen to your needs or they want to charge you when you ask questions, think of AHI Medicare Solutions.  We listen.  YOUR NEEDS MATTER.  "Why should you pay to be heard?"

Three years in the business, Dawn is increasingly determined to be in business for others.  Not being intimidated by the rejection of her peers, rather seeing that as a greater sign of the issues she has set out to "fix".  She has sought out all information of the various insurance products and how they work with different lifestyles.  She has connected with professionals who care about helping the community both here and internationally.  

If you need help paying for your medications, helping a loved one in the hospital, or finding a home... AHI  is set up to assist you in finding the resources that are available to you.  Are you or someone you know looking for in-home-care professionals and a way to pay for that care?  "We at AHI are licensed insurance agents, but we can help guide you as Specialists in Seniors needs."  

The insurance licenses are held because they have to be.  "This is  in order to BEST assist all those we encounter.  Admittedly AHI isn't a 'one-stop-shop'.  We write insurance policies for folks who need them.  But why can't we go the extra mile, or twenty extra miles, or one hundred?" Dawn has gone from being a typical insurance broker to being a Medicare Specialist and Advisor for all professions and people of all ages and walks of life.

AHI offers FREE LIFETIME ANNUAL REVIEWS for Medicare policy holders who are concerned they may be paying too much for prescription drugs.  You can also find dental, vision, hearing insurance if that is a concern. People often confuse Medicare with Medicaid. "Medicare is healthcare for seniors and the disabled. It has nothing to do with income. If you paid for it, be wise and use it."

"Remember, a Medicare Specialist doesn't simply take an order and fill out an application for people.  A Medicare Specialist focuses on the whole person, their loved ones and the quality of their future."  

"I recommend, you call and ask to speak to anyone on our team as we grow." 


Meet the Team

Meet Javier

Javier Aguirre
Medicare Supplemental Insurance Agent

Javier has been helping people with their insurance needs since 2014. He speaks fluent Spanish which has proven to be a bbig help for many people with Medicare questions or .

Javier is married and has grown children. He also has a heart for people and a true passion for helping others find what they are searching for in life. 

Meet Basha


Basha reinvented herself. After two generations, she sold her family business yet desires to fullfill the needs of others. Working part-time with her favorite people, seniors, is the perfect fit.

She joined AHI as a part-time agent so she can have some freedom in life for her family. Basha has a bubbly personality and provides loving consideration to people she encounters.

... and John

John has been with AHI from it's inception. He was under the impression that you have to be ruthless to do business. In this case, he sat back and observed the countless ways people have been helped by the kind, patient, caring services provided by AHI. 

He remembers who he married. How his wife is that woman who only knows to give. 

He supports this mission to reach the unreachable, the person who doesn't have the support they need or the answers they seek. 

John proudly announces that he is a part of the team as he occasionally takes on Administrative duties or simply breaks up the day and takes Dawn to lunch. 


Our office support is an important part of the team. Serving the public is possible because of them.

"Todo va estar bien corazón!"