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Reflections Digest


The Battle With No Help

 A true story of how one woman learned survival after cancer devistated her finances and changed her life.

Warning: Medicine and Dementia

A riveting true story about a period in time of one womans life who suffered the side effects of her medication. She shares freely about her fears of dementia or Alzheimer's and the outcome. This is a must read. The list of medications is included for readers to share.

Pressing On

An encouraging short story from one of our agents and why she works with people who are eligible for Medicare.

How Do I Choose a Good Plan?

The confusion is real. "So many companies, so many products, my head is spinning." People say this all the time. Break it down just a little bit. What should your next step be? 


One mans story when he lost his Part D coverage. He could have avoided the penalty but was too late. Learn what happened to him at his workplace. 

Your Eye Care

What Medicare pays for

Cost of a Hospital Stay

One way to offset the 

Laminate Federal Documents?

But isn't that illegal? 

Well, Yes.